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Sprachbilder, Sprache der Bilder

Malerei als semiotisches System und semantischer Raum

Le langage de l’image et l’image du langage


La peinture comme système sémiotique et espace sémantique


Phase 1 - opening
16/09/2023 from 18h - ...

Phase 2 - featured artists
01/10/2023 from 14h - ...

Phase 3 - featured structures
15/10/2023 from 14h - ...


106 Rue Vanderstichelen
B-1080 Brussels

opening hours:
Thursday - Sunday 14h - 19h


Axiom#3 envisions the exhibition as a process, a dialog between artists that will unfold in multiple stages. Each phase of the exhibition is adding and editing contributions from artists and other actors in the scene to write the exhibition like an open book and an ever changing canvas.
The overarching theme will revolve around the language of art, as well as the utilization of language within art, encompassing concepts such as visual language, nomenclature, appropriation, coded language, and many more…

The exhibition's title, P,Oe?!e, directly refers to the tradition of concrete poetry, where the conceptual essence lies in systemic writing, prioritizing structure over narrative.
One could introduce the theme of Meta.language; here the processes, systems… of writing, and painting …become the core of the work rather than the applied words, colors, forms.


artist list - part1:
Jofroi Amaral, Josef Bauer, Claude Closky, Marin Kasimir, Ellsworth Kelly, LAb[au], Micah Lexier, Wolfgang Schmidt

adde artist list - part2:
first names revealed
Hanne Darboven, Josef Kosuth, Almir Mavignier, Hansjörg Mayer, Jonathan Monk, Katarina Petrovic, Elsa Werth...

artist list - part3:
keep posted and be surprised,
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